“When can we expect stocking issues to be resolved? ”

At this time, there is not specific visibility as to when stock availability issues will completely subside across Canada. While Cannabis NB continues to add more licensed producers to provide product to our stores, and work closely with current licensed producers to increase production of those products particularly in high-demand, there continues to be increasing demand across the country as more provinces add distribution (stores). In addition, there is expected to be a second phase of products legalized later in 2019 at the federal level - while adding new variety of consumption methods, this could produce further strain on already limited supply of today's product mix (dried flower, oils and capsules, etc).

While there is no absolute clarity on the supply, and there will likely be further challenges in the coming months, we are hopeful that further licensing of new licensed producers, increased production from current licensed producers, and new producers being added to Cannabis NB's available product providers will help provide some gradual reduction in the supply crunch.