“What information will be stored when shopping in-store/online? (Privacy concern)”

When shopping in-store, there is no personal information collected to enter or purchase. To enter, everyone will need to show government picture identification to demonstrate they are of age, however, no information from it will be recorded. At time of purchase, no personal information is required. The only time in-store that we will require your information will be for a return or if you would like to create an account online, at which time we will request your name and email address.

To simply browse our website, cannabis-nb.com, you will not need to provide any personal information. To purchase online, you will need to create an account. Similar to other eCommerce sites you order from, the information in your account profile will include:  email address, password, first name, last name, mobile phone #, street address, and a security question & answer. The email, password, and security Q&A are for your account setup and security. Your name and street address will be used to complete the shipping label for your shipments. After an attempted delivery and a few days passing, we will use your email to alert you it is still to be picked up from your local outlet; if it is nearing the time for your order to be declared undeliverable and removed from the postal outlet, we will try and get a hold of you via your mobile phone #.

We take your privacy and personal information seriously, and we will protect it using a combination of administrative, physical and technical safeguards.